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During this pandemic happened, businesses that had been in existence for a long time had noticed a significant impact on their industry and were finding it difficult to thrive. Some industries try to change their work style to decrease physical contact and avoid the crowd. This policy may bring more good for businesses and employees. According to a study, work from home (WFH) can increase remote workers’ productivity. It also enables remote workers to set up their optimal home office or workstation. Besides, remote talent is beneficial to overcome business’ types that need a short contract with a project-based. It can chunk out your operational cost (e.g for office).

A popular job and most businesses looking for is a Developer. Hiring a professional remote developer is rather hard. However, there are some tips for businesses to hire a remote developer. First, see its experiences. You can decide whether the developer is qualified or not. Second, you can review recent feedback and rating. The more positive review, the better developer you can choose. Third, pick the right platform to hire.

How to hire a remote developer?

4 easy steps to complete your project with Emveep Talent

2. Create a project that you have. Describe this project and define what is/are technology you require to complete this project.

3. Find and hire a suitable remote developer.

4. Hang on! The remote developer receives your offering and accepts it.

Frequently asked questions about Emeep Talent

A: Freelancer will send daily reports and attach some files.

Q: How many maximum projects that I can create in my account?

A: There is no maximum amount of created projects.

Q: What kind of charge will be applied for Client or Freelancer?

A: We don’t charge a registration fee, recruitment, administration & other fees in whatsoever form. Freelancer will only be charged 10% commission fee of the total value of the job completed satisfactorily.

Let’s rock your project with Emveep Remote Talent platform.

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