Tips You Can’t Ignore To Secure Your Website

Security is the most important thing for every single life. The security relates to privacy which becomes our secret. Similar to the website, one of the key success of a business. The website contains information about one business, and it also has a customer database. But what about a business website is hacked? The business data can be sold by the hacker.

Many big company websites were hacked. One of them is Yahoo. There are more than 3 billions accounts hacked the account name including birth dates, phone numbers, and users passwords. It is because the weak security, so it is easy to be cracked.

There are several signs that your website is hacked:
1. Your email sends to spam
2. The website becomes super slow
3. Your website displays another website
4. Your website is disappear

Thus, as we need to protect our website and accounts. Here are some tips for you to keep secure your business website.

Install an SSL Certificate

SSL allows encrypted transmission of personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and login credentials. Data transmitted between browsers and web servers are usually sent in plain text — leaving you vulnerable to eavesdropping. If a hacker can encrypt all data sent between a client and a web server, they would be able to access and use the information.

Use CSP (Content Security Policy)

Give a limit User Access & Permissions

Get a Website Firewall

Hopefully, those tips can help you to secure your websites. And you can be more aware of your website privacy and policy.

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